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DUSTEX® is a binding additive that suppresses the formation of dust. It is particularly effective in preventing gravel loss on non-tarred roads, thus limiting the formation of corrugations and improving the quality of the road surface. This in turn, improves road safety, makes traveling more comfortable, decreases vehicle operating and maintenance costs and decreases the cost of road maintenance.

DUSTEX® is produced from a calcium lignosulphonate source, which is a natural product derived from lignin. Lignin, a polymer found in wood, binds cells together, creating a composite material that resists surface materials, thus reducing erosion. Thereafter, vehicles traveling on the road apply pressure to the surface, compressing and hardening it and reducing wear and tear further. DUSTEX® is available in a liquid and powder form. It is harmless (non-toxic to humans, plants and animals), easy to use (requires no specialised equipment) and because it is sourced from a renewable resource, it is environmentally friendly. DUSTEX® can be used for many applications including:

  • Gravel roads in rural and residential areas
  • Haul roads
  • Roads in game reserves
  • Road shoulders
  • Construction sites
  • Quarries
  • Runways
  • Mine dumps and workings
  • Dust-sensitive agricultural and forestry roads

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Dustex® – A surface for a road better travelled. The existence of dust is both undesirable and costly. Learn more about the Dustex® Solution.